Coat of Arms of Kaunas District

The idea of creating the Coat of Arms of Kaunas District has come about back in 2004 in preparation for the 50th anniversary of the district in the next year. The specially formed commission has launching a public tendering procedure for the author and implementer of the best project of Kaunas District flag, coat of arms and stamp. Two authors took part in the tendering procedure – “V3 studija” and the artist Arvydas Stanislovas Každailis. The society of Kaunas District was made familiar with the projects presented by the authors, their works were made publicly available in press sources, they were exposed in Kaunas District Municipality and in the elderships of Kaunas District. The artist Arvydas Stanislovas Každailis was announced the successful tenderer. Lithuanian Heraldry Commission approbated the Coat of Arms on 13 January 2005 (the Protocol No 316), and the President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus approved the Coat of Arms by decree No. 213 of 28 February 2005.

 Description of the Coats of Arms

The Coat of Arms of Kaunas District Municipality belongs to the field of heraldry of the lands, and Lithuanian Heraldry Commission decided to associate it with Kaunas district heraldry, and, therefore, depict the geographical situation of the area around Kaunas. The silver head of the aurochs with a cross between the horns is depicted in the field of the red shield that is present inside the Coat of Arms, and in the main field of the blue shield (that symbolizes the lands of Kaunas District) there is a heraldic figure: the silver bifurcated tool that symbolizes three Lithuanian rivers – Nemunas, Neris and Nevėžis that flow across the territory of Kaunas District. In heraldry, gold or yellow colour signifies wisdom and generosity; silver – water, purity and richness; blue colour - celestial and spiritual values, stability, loyalty and honesty; red colour - courage, bravery, love.